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Same, buddy. #BDLF coming soon.

Same, buddy. #BDLF coming soon.

Today’s playlist is critically endangered, yet theoretically immortal.

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Failure in its natural habitat; a forest of empty bottles. #BDLF coming soon. (at Pioneer Works)

Failure in its natural habitat; a forest of empty bottles. #BDLF coming soon. (at Pioneer Works)

This bulldog knows. #bdlf #melvillehouse #bulldogsofinstagram

This bulldog knows. #bdlf #melvillehouse #bulldogsofinstagram

FRIDAY FLENSING: MobyLives Roundup for 10/17/14

Today’s discoveries include that Tate’s makes cookies with candied ginger in them, and that the correct amount of iced coffee is 1 heavy-duty beer stein’s worth, because now I can hear fear, and smell the future. It smells like content

Our MobyLives dispatches were cruelly kneecapped by the endless indifference of technology to our earnest desires to bring you timely, pithy, well-wrought blog. Which is to say, 

But we rebooted and rallied so here’s the latest.

  • Anyone who’s seen a Louis Theroux documentary knows that the American judicial system has just as many problems with sex criminals as they do with non-sex criminals. There are many good ways to approach this sensitive subject. John Grisham cares not for your many good ways, as Zeljka reports. Something something publicist stroke Bulleit caps lock something.
  • Monika fearlessly delves into the Special Relationship of product placement and books - which, like everything that you know exists but that you may prefer to not actively imagine (oblivion, slave labor, patriarchy, bug quotients in your burger meat), is even more absurd and laugh-cry-inducing than you would think. Except not, because your friends work in advertising. And they’re nice friends. So you don’t even know what to think anymore

GPOY forever and ever:

See you Monday! 

In honor of The Jane Austen Rules, today’s playlist is composed exclusively of advice.

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THURSDAY TREPANATIONS: MobyLives Roundup, 10/16/14

(title in reference to Mardi, and also this morning, which was just brutal for the entire city and also me)

The clouds and oily rain may have dispersed and let the sunshine in, but the highlight of my day was definitely a visit from a few stalwart folks from skylightbooks. Everybody click over to Jenn’s feministlibraryonwheels, which is beautifully, perfectly exactly what it sounds like.


  • Claire relays to us the latest flap over DRM - Adobe Digital Editions is Hoovering up our personal information and letting it toddle back through the Forest of Despair that is an unsecured channel, all the way to the main servers in the windowless Adobe skyscraper. Which is only a good thing if they’re using this data to catch John Doe. And even if so, we all know how this ends.

  • Elena Ferrante is everybody. And nobody. And unlike Knausgaard, she doesn’t have ad promo that prominently, some might say phrenologically, features her visage. But what does this all mean? Zeljka knows.
  • Liam tips up the smooth rock of computer-written books to reveal the squirming programmers beneath. Backmatter of the books of the future: reading group guides, Q&A’s, transcript of the Voight-Kampff test…
  • Mark officially begins outreach to the USPS, for reasons we cannot nor will not reveal. But suffice to say, stamps are innovative.
  • You can cross “Learn Dutch” off your to-do list (why do you even have a to-do list, it’s a lost cause, you twit) now - thank the Dutch, and Sal for telling us about the Dutch.

Tip of the hat to Ron Howard for his horrifying CGI whales and beautiful American whalers that are all played by British dudes, I guess. 

That’s it! See you all tomorrow. 

We are all standing in a writing career, some of us are looking at the shamanic subversion of brutal capitalist superstructures that strip the joy out of every aspect of human life.

—The incomparable mraclejones, everyone. 


We Recommend: Bolaño by Mónica Maristain (ebook available) (melvillehouse)

"It’s been just over ten years since the death of Robert Bolaño, a fact that probably makes you think, ‘Hm, a little soon (for a biography), eh?’ A reasonable response! But Maristain’s account of the great writer’s life is hardly conventional, choosing to engage with those who knew him best instead of editorializing. The result, like Bolaño’s work, is simultaneously crystal-clear and obscuring. A great early biography, one that makes you want to return to the books that brought you here."


Chad, you beautiful so-and-so.

Has anyone done this joke yet

Has anyone done this joke yet